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Professional car parking equipment munufacturer+parking integrated solution provider.
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The self-developed and designed intelligent L P R parking management system, license plate recognition all-in-one machine, parking gate, turnstile, access control system resources integration, has developed into a collection of parking consultation, a comprehensive parking industry chain enterprise integrating.
The Enhanced Ticket Validation Kiosk for Realpark's Parking Management System incorporates advanced features such as License Plate Recognition (LPR), NFC card and QR code support, and POS machine integration for payment with bank cards and credit cards. This state-of-the-art ticket machine ensures seamless and efficient parking validation for both customers and parking facility operators.
The All-in-one Parking Access Control Ticket Dispenser For License Plate Recognition Camera Smart Parking System Solution Realpark is a versatile solution for managing parking access and payments. Supported by exit ticket machines that can process NFC Card Reader, QR Code Scanner, Ticket Printer and POS machine payments, it offers a convenient and efficient way for users to pay for parking.
The Integrated Realpark Parking Management System Payment Station allows drivers to conveniently pay for parking using coin, bank card and QR Code Mobile Payment System. This smart system is designed to streamline the payment process and improve efficiency in parking lots.
The Realpark Android Self-service Payment Station is a cash payment kiosk designed for smart parking lots, providing a convenient and efficient payment system for users. With its user-friendly interface and secure processing capabilities, it simplifies the payment process and enhances the overall parking experience.
The TAP-IN and TAP-OUT intelligent parking management system solution customized for the Indonesian market is designed to streamline parking operations, enhance user experience, and optimize revenue generation for parking facility owners.
Streamline Access Control for Your Parking Lot Entry Ticket Parking Machine, designed to revolutionize access control for parking lots. Our cutting-edge solution offers a seamless and efficient way to manage vehicle entry, ensuring a smooth parking experience for both operators and customers. Please study more about the features and benefits of our Entry Ticket Parking Machine, highlighting how it can enhance your parking lot operations.
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Realpark Parking Management Solutions 

 Real time detection and recognition process for vehicle license plates.

 Reliable performance, good accuracy with low false positives.

 Multi-countries recognition based on standard formats.

 White list configuration supported.

 Supports capture of license plate along with the car image.

Parking Guidance


A Parking Guidance System (PGS) is a technology-based solution designed to assist drivers in finding available parking spaces within a parking facility or a designated area.
Improved Parking Efficiency

Reduced Traffic Congestion

 Enhanced User Experience

 Optimal Space Utilization

 Data And Analytics

Charging Pile System Management Solution

New energy vehicle charging pile parking space management system.
 Single Plus Parking Camera Solution: Only use the parking camera to manage the parking space. No additional parking fee will be charged for new energy vehicles. High utilization rate of parking spaces, make full use of parking spaces.

 Parking Camera + Parking Lock Solution: Use the parking camera + parking lock linkage to manage the parking space. The parking camera recognizes the new energy license plate and locks the parking lock, and recognizes the non-new energy license plate. If the parking lock is not locked, the vehicle cannot drive into the charging parking space. Strong pertinence, special car dedicated management.

Access Control System Solution

An Access Control System Solution refers to a comprehensive set of hardware and software components designed to manage and control access to physical spaces, buildings, or digital resources. It provides organizations with the means to restrict entry, monitor access activity, and ensure the security of their premises or sensitive information. Here are the key components and features typically found in an Access Control System Solution:
 Access Control Hardware: These devices are used to read and authenticate access credentials, such as access cards, key fobs, or biometric identifiers (fingerprint or iris scanners).

Speed Camera System

A Speed Camera System is a traffic enforcement tool designed to monitor and enforce speed limits on roads or highways. It uses cameras and associated technologies to detect and capture images or video footage of vehicles that are exceeding the posted speed limits. 
 Speed Detection Technology: The system employs various technologies to accurately measure the speed of passing vehicles. This may include radar, laser, or in-road sensors that can determine the speed of vehicles by calculating the time it takes for them to pass between two points.
perfect balance between
aesthetic and function.
Thanks to the accurate welding process, the internal walls of the sinks are perfectly straight and the bottom has an inclination designed to allow the complete discharge of water.
Made of AISI 304 steel, a material that ensures maximum resistance, durability and ease of cleaning.
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The overflow hole also has a rectangular steel cover that, placed flush on the vertical wall, makes it almost invisible.
The special Falmec Draining System consists of a round steel cover, inserted flush with the flared drain hole, which guarantees perfect water drainage and easier cleaning.
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About Shenzhen Realpark Co., Ltd.
The self-developed and designed intelligent LPR parking management system, LPR all-in-one machine, parking gate, turnstile, access control system resources integration.
Highlight the company's use of cutting-edge LPR technology that enables accurate and efficient license plate recognition, resulting in improved parking management and enhanced security.
Emphasize how the company's solution streamlines parking operations by automating tasks such as ticketing, entry/exit monitoring, and payment processing, leading to reduced wait times, increased throughput, and improved overall efficiency.
Showcase how the LPR parking management solution helps reduce costs associated with manual labor, ticketing systems, and paper-based processes, resulting in significant cost savings for parking facility operators.
Highlight the company's ability to enhance parking facility security by providing real-time monitoring, license plate tracking, and access control features, thereby reducing the risk of unauthorized access, theft, and vandalism.
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Founded In 2017

Shenzhen Realpark Co., Ltd. is a professional smart parking value operator, providing safe, efficient, convenient and reliable smart parking services for global customers. Realpark has focused on the smart parking industry for more than ten years, with business all over the country, and its products and services are exported to the world, radiating to Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and other countries.

The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, with a R & D technical team 20 people. The self-developed and designed intelligent L P R parking management system, license plate recognition all-in-one machine, parking gate, turnstile, access control system resources integration, has developed into a collection of parking consultation, a comprehensive parking industry chain enterprise integrating.

  It Integrates Research And Development, Production, Sales, And Technical Services.
Realpark formally established.
SaaS cloud background development software copyright. The parking/face access control/charging system is managed on the same SaaS platform.
Won the Gold Award of the most innovative Enterprise in China's Smart City. The pure cloud parking system has been developed and launched.
It was awarded the annual recommended brand of China's smart city construction. The pure cloud face access control system has been developed and launched.
Obtained the national high-tech enterprise certificate. Create a new charging pile business.
The pure cloud charging system has been developed and launched. Comprehensively expand overseas business.
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To create a leading

brand in China.

Falmec quality for your kitchen. The Falmec Water collection stems from the same passion for technological and aesthetic innovation, as well as from the deep care for details that characterize the entire Falmec word. Today hoods, hobs, sinks and taps achieve ideal stylistic and functional harmony, fitting perfectly into the design of the kitchen environment and conveying emotions that last over time. 
Latest News
R & D, manufacturing, platform development, and operation management, it continues to build and link service capabilities around smart scenarios such as "people, vehicles, consumption, and applications" for cities, enterprises, and users, and comprehensively expands and deeply cultivate the in-depth application of I o T based on smart parking and smart scenarios.
With the infiltration of video technology, mobile internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing technology, and other technologies into people's lives, unmanned management has brought obvious operational cost advantages to society. Unmanned parking has also gone from the initial method of replacing toll personnel with mobile payment to the professional unmanned management relying on cloud computing and AI artificial intelligence technology. Intelligent parking with unmanned management has become the mainstream of the parking industry.
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At present, the pattern of the smart parking market is relatively scattered, mainly consisting of smart parking equipment manufacturers, smart parking solution providers, and internet parking operation enterprises. With the continuous development of the smart parking industry in the future, the market concentration is expected to further increase. This means that the integration trend of the smart parking industry will continue, and large enterprises with strong resources, strong operations, and strong business are expected to stand out.
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With the accelerated pace of smart city construction, breakthroughs in new technologies such as biometrics and artificial intelligence, intelligent face recognition access control gradually replaces traditional access control, and face recognition Door security is gradually favored by various property companies.
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