Professional Parking Solutions Provider for Various Industries Smart Automatic Parking Requirement.

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Smart Cloud Parking - Solution benefits
 Computer-free            Wire-free                 Wire-freemaintenance-free           Cloud  management

The vehicle license identification system is composed of platform layer, awareness layer, network layer, collection layer and application layer, covering urban parking big data, Internet of Things terminal hardware, parking yard and owner application App. Comprehensive use of vehicle identification technology, non-line communication technology, cloud computing large data processing, moving interlinked network and other leading technologies, Provide depot management, real-time supervision and control, remote supervision, decision support, value-added business and other services for depot operation and management and related government departments.

 Patented product :

• Group unified management of parking projects

• User scan code network real-time intercom

• High adaptation and low cost cloud monitoring switch


• Network duty clock tracking

 Professional change shipping dimension:

• Professional qualification team

• Ten years of deep industry experience

• Suitable for 80% brand equipment in the market

• 7*24 hours one to one responsive service

 Pure cloud operating platfor :

• Pure cloud system adopts B/S architecture

• Support the background management of PC/mobile web pages at any time

• Real-time big data computational analysis

• Connect to third-party systems

 Cloud hosting service:

• Our 24-hour hosting service center

• No key scan code call

• Remote operation and maintenance

• Report network disconnection proactively

 Unattended  cloud seats :

• Independent research and development of source manufacturers

• National appearance patented products

• Recognition rate up to 99.9%

• Support 4G/5G and external dual-network backup

Cloud Platform System Topology
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Professional parking solutions provider for various industries smart automatic parking requirement.
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